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Who we are?

About us

Many years ago, we started making business in the Italian market. Our punctuality, efficiency and transport planning solutions made us a strong and trusted company. Quality is our primary target and we are becoming stronger because of expanding our fleet by 10 LKW’s per year and from the recommendations of our satisfied clients. As result, we have become a well-known and recognized company in the European market. We conduct business across multiple countries for our haulers and make a deep analysis of risks and profits. Now, countries like Belgium, Netherlands, England, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Lithuania have become well-known to us. We invite you to join us so that we can become partners and improve our skills and build a new big transport connection network.

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Our history

Antrans company was founded in 1993, and at the beginning was doing mainly local national transport. 10 years later we obtained our international transport license. Now we have more than 80 trucks in our fleet and all of them are not older than 4 years. We offer this to our clients as well as our spedition, which is more than 100 LKW’s.

In our company we have more than 200 employees who speak multiple languages to communicate with our clients and subcontractors.

International transport and spedition is our main area of activity but we offer many additional services like renting trailers or service support. We expand our services in help with our international partners.

It helps us gain new experiences, knowledge and skills, as well as extending our area of business activity. It is profit for our clients as well as for us. Thanks to this we can offer better quality of services.

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Our mission


Throughout Europe 200,000 Polish trucks are lost annually because of rising cases of hijacking, theft and robbery. Nearly 14,000,000,000 euros are lost each year because of this type of crime.

It means that every single hour goods of valued at 1,500,000 euros disappear.

Most of these situations are the result of the wrong choice of subcontractors, which were not verified as a safe transporter. Instead, most companies chose a contractor based on the fastest to transport their goods.

That’s why we give you Antrans Bis, spedition who understands your needs and the problems of the transport market.

We know what to do to give you best quality of our services. That’s why we minimize the risk of theft and robbery to the lowest level by GPS systems, training courses for our drivers, insurance with the amount of 300,000 euros on every incident including theft, robbery, and delivering goods to non-authorized persons. These precautions provide our guarantee of safety.

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